Vendor Program - Eagle Tree Jupiter
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Vendor Program

Eagle Tree Jupiter Homeowner Vendor Program

Quality services from trusted providers


Any vendor who wishes to come on property must complete a Vendor Application for each of their service people. The Eagle Tree Jupiter POA charges vendors a fee in order that each service person is properly vetted prior to working on the property.

A separate entrance on Alternate A1A exists for vendors to enter and leave the property minimizing this type of traffic from the Front Gate.

Preferred Vendors are provided for all Homeowners. These are vendors who have demonstrated quality work and professionalism while on the property.

Eagle Tree Jupiter POA views access to our property very seriously.

Loss Prevention (LP)

In addition to a 24/7 ‘manned’ front gate, security cameras abound throughout the property for homeowner protection.

LP provides access via the Residential Coordinators should the need arise.

LP is called simultaneously for any alarms that go out to the local Alarm Company.

Daily patrols, during the day and night part of the scope of work for our LP Officers, uniformed and serious.